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We provide a comprehensive suite of services that encompass Full-Service Management and believe that a holistic strategy provides the best experience for our Associations

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Our Pillars


 The boutique nature of our company allows us the flexibility to tailor our services to the specific, ever-evolving needs of your Association to ensure that projects and maintenance/repair issues are resolved in an efficient, effective manner.

Responsiveness & Proactive Communication

We believe these are two key factors in developing trust and mutual respect between an Association and its management company. Our Portfolio Managers consistently communicate status updates to their Boards of Directors’ regarding ongoing projects/issues and are required to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours (excluding weekends & holidays).

High Moral/Ethical Standards

We do not collect revenue from unethical sources including vendor kickbacks, referral fees, or expensive gifts, ensuring that every vendor proposal/bid is 100% objective and unbiased which results in our Associations receiving top quality work at competitive prices.

Transparent Accounting Practices

Our accounting team works tirelessly to provide accurate, concise monthly financial reports to our Associations’ each month. Board Members can request access to view their Association’s bank account balances in real time and monitor invoices as they move through our online invoice approval system.

  • Management company does not regularly communicate with your board
  • Misalignment and/or lack of commitment to your community's needs
  • Delays or complications in your community's projects
  • Slow or no response to your inquiries
  • Financial errors, delays or mismanagement of funds
  • You have to manage your management company
  • Overall inadequate performance

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First-Hand Testimonials
From Our Clients

We place a specific focus on earning the trust of our Associations and developing long standing relationships with them. This is the reason why many of our Associations have retained our services for 5-10+ years.

Our HOA came back to Icon after leaving them for an on-site manager for 3 years. Those 3 years could not have gone worse! Leaks in the garage and simple light bulb changes took months to happen. In January 2023, the storms wreaked havoc on our building, with 1/3 of the units suffering from major water intrusion. Our building required significant repairs that had to be done by vendors having very specialized skills. Our on-site Manager was nowhere to be found. In April, we went back to Icon for our property management. Until Icon came back on board, we attempted to move things along, but the contractors were so busy it took months to schedule and obtain quotes. No two quotes were similar in scope or cost for the same work. Aaron, our Icon Property Manager, had the appropriate connections and drive to have vetted vendors get out quickly. Ultimately, we were advised to hire a leak detection consultant. Aaron really stepped up to help our association through the emergency situation. We still have a ways to go, but good progress is being made, thanks to Icon.

As a board director, I always feel like Aaron has my back. He has taken on many difficult Homeowners with persistently and determination. He always tries a kind, thoughtful approach with even our most difficult owners, but can and will change gears to make demands. He always backs up those demands with direct quotes from the CC&Rs or the Davis Stirling Act, making them clear and irrefutable. He even shows up to enforce those demands. He has spent numerous hours on weekends and after hours to help. Aaron is a good guy who cares deeply for his clients.

Heidi R., President
850 Croft Condominiums HOA

Our new property manager is spectacular. The minute we met I knew we'd be in good hands and I was worried about losing our previous manager so that was a relief. Since I joined the board, so many things are getting done. And our property manager is on top of everything. She's great at prioritizing, obtaining and reviewing estimates, getting our vendors to provide great service and reasonable and fair prices, working with owners to solve issues within the building and protecting our HOA board from any liability concerns. I am learning so much from her and know that our building and investment are protected under her watch. Thank you again Icon for hiring amazing managers who really know their industry. We are so lucky!!!

Jenifer K.

We have lived in this complex for about 6 months, and have been impressed with our property management company, Icon Realty Services. Having lived in several condos with different property management companies, the professionalism and responsiveness of this group is noteworthy. Given the age of our complex, there are always maintenance and repair issues requiring immediate attention. Based on our experience here, the ICON team stays on top of things.

Barry B.

Icon Realty Services has been the management company of our 23 unit condominium building in Beverly Hills for over 5 years. They are extremely professional, courteous, and immediately responsive to all questions, emergencies, and building issues. Their personal attention, knowledge, and follow through skills are exemplary. The entire Icon team has been amazing from the start: professional, proactive, and readily responsive to all our needs. As HOA President, I strongly recommend Icon Realty Services.

Julie H.

Icon Realty Services serves my aging, 175 unit condo complex and has made such an improvement over previous mgmt. companies we have had in the past 17 years that I have owned my unit. Our ICON property manager recently deftly navigated and led our complex through an extremely complicated and expensive replacement of all of our natural gas lines in this rambling property - in the midst of the COVID pandemic. They have proven over and over how accessible and considerate they are during this chaotic time; my property manager answers my emailed questions promptly, thoroughly, and professionally.

William B., Homeowner
Village Park COA

The reason that I'm writing this review is because of the incredible work that Dena at Icon has done since she became our HOA management company representative. She is just outstanding. I can't imagine someone outperforming her. I have been a condo owner for over two decades, have seen many a management company and many management company representatives, and Dena at Icon by far is the best I've ever encountered. She is truly something special. Over the past 5 months I have been involved in an incredibly complex situation at my condo dealing with multiple insurance companies, the HOA, construction crews, maintenance, other owners etc that has required a lot of cooperation between myself and Icon. Having Dena assigned to our HOA has been a godsend. Working in concert with her we were able to streamline the process and get things accomplished. From the moment we spoke I felt confident that Dena was going to have my back and be more than able to navigate the situation. I found Dena to be organized, knowledgeable, communicative, assertive, self motivated, intelligent, thoughtful, diligent, competent, thorough and professional. She is also empathetic, kind and supportive. It's rare to find someone who excels so much in their work and at the same time displays such compassion and humanity. You enjoy working with her not only because you trust that she will get the job done but also because she's just genuinely a good person. My interactions with Icon have always been good. They have always worked with me when I needed them to, but Dena Mark is truly something special. I am so thankful she is our representative.

Tomek F., Homeowner
5232 Corteen HOA

Our condominium building in BH got very lucky when Icon Realty Services’ Director of Association Management Gregg Sauber had generously assigned Aaron Moses to manage our property. Knowledgeable, responsive, attentive, always on the top of every task - there is nothing more we can ask from the person who is directly responsible for the comfort and safety of our home. The whole Board is excited and looking forward to working together with Icon Management and especially Aaron, in bringing our building to the level it truly deserves.” –

Izabell B., President
441 N. Oakhurst Drive COA